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OC: Sorami Haruka
Description: A Teenager that looks like a child. Is short and has very long black hair. Always wearing a crimson/red muffler around her neck. Personality develops on the storyy :D
M!A: Normal
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I'm Panduh, call me Pan. Just your ordinary teenager that looks like a kiddo. I roleplay as long as you ask me and I will give you advices if you're in trouble... I also love to draw and write and play video games.

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the face on the hot sauce is the guy who plays spongebob

literally every human character on spongebob was played by the guy who voiced spongebob

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I never thought I’d see the day where my idiot blog got 5k followers. It makes me hella nervous, but at the same time I’m really flattered people chose to follow me, especially those that have stuck around since forever despite all my idiot screaming in tags and posts!


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Date night in a jar

(Could be altered to be best friend dates in a jar)

I used big popsicle sticks and spray painted them different colors. Each color represents a different type of date (and each color is explained on the tag) and the white sticks were used as fillers.


Red sticks have more expensive dates on them that require planning on our part.

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Dinner at a fancy restaurant
  • Hotel stay for the night
  • Auburn home game and away game
  • Concert and dinner (his choice)
  • Concert and dinner (my choice)
  • Weekend away
  • Coupes Massage 

Dark pink sticks have “at home” dates:

  • Chopped Challenge (like the television show on FoodNetwork)
  • Fondue and Almost Famous
  • Takeout and board games
  • 1,000 piece puzzle and pizza
  • Football game and nachos
  • Popcorn and a chick-flick
  • Crosswords and breakfast for dinner
  • Make a dessert together
  • Friday Night Lights marathon
  • Homemade pizzas and an Italian movie

 Light Pink dates have things we can do away from home but are less expensive than the red and don’t require as much planning.

  • Dinner and a movie (my choice and his choice)
  • Laser tag and go carts
  • Mexican night at Cocina Superior 
  • Drive-In date
  • Dessert only date
  • Window shopping for the house
  • Bowling
  • The Melting Pot
  • Coffee Date
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Water on a superhydrophobic surface in slow motion [x]

Repost for Eye Candy
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Reunion || Closed



Small footsteps are heard, wearing that crimson muffler around her neck, and long hair flowing about the wind. She seemed new to town but the town wasn’t new to her. She looked around, seeing how Shizume City had changed. ” It’s been years…” she said to herself. She had last set her eyes on the city of Shizume since she was in middle school. She adjusted her glasses and made her way through the crowd, rougher since she had a small build. Finding her way back, she steps in front of the door way of bar HOMRA and smiled.

She went inside with a smile and greeted them, “I’m Back!”. That small voice was familiar to everyone and made heads turn. “Haruka!” everyone cheered, even Kusanagi. They all welcomed her, and started talking to her. Misaki was happy that he was tearing up, making Haruka tease him. She glanced at the bar, hoping for one more of her friends were there. “Hey, Shortie! Why didn’t you tell us you were coming back!?” the redhead complained. Haruka simply said she wanted to surprise them followed by a laugh.

The blue walked down the streets of Shizume City, hands in his pockets like usual and eyes peering around almost as if judging others. This city seemed to get more and more crowded with each passing day. That was one more thing to add to the list of his dislikes- over crowded places. With a grunt he pushed his way forward into a clear space. “What’s with this city?” he asked himself. Just then the male spotted a girl out the corner of his eye entering HOMRA bar. Blinking, the face of an old friend entered his thoughts. “No, it couldn’t be. Could it?” He was curious now. He had to know if it was her. He needed to find out even if it meant entering enemy territory. 

As Fushimi approached the bar’s doors, he sighed hesitantly, staring at the once familiar sign. “Homra….” This place certainly was no home to him anymore. Placing a hand on the door, he gulped nervously before pushing forward. Once he entered, the room went silent as familiar faces he once considered family stared at him in awe. “What the fuck are you doing here, Traitor?!” Misaki shouted, but for the first time he turned his attention to a different person. The girl he had followed was exactly who he thought she was. “Haruka,” he said in a low tone as the girl stared back at him.

Blue eyes gazed at the tall figure who suddenly stopped all motion around her. Everyone was either looking at Haruka or Saruhiko. Haruka was rendered speechless. She was happy, she smiled gently. “Saru!” she stood up from her seat, aching to tackle hug the other like she did back then. Saruhiko has surely grown. He looked so much mature the last time she saw him. Now everything is complete… as far as she knew.

Half way getting to Fushimi, she was stopped by Misaki who pulled her back behind him, saying that Haruka shouldn’t go near the traitor. Traitor? Who’s the traitor? Sarukkun isn’t a traitor… is he? Haruka thought to herself with a concerned look. Was there something she missed throughout all the years? “Misaki… what are you talking about…? Sarukkun isn’t…” she was cut out, words of swearing are being yelled by Misaki to Saruhiko, who infact, didn’t really care about being yelled by Misaki. “Saru..?” she slightly tilted her head, trying to read Saruhiko’s expression through his eyes.

((OMFG IM SO SORRY PLS FORGIVE ME FOR MY SUPER DOOPER LATE REPLY ASDFGHJ IDEK WAAAH //sinks 5 feet below you and kneels and kisses your foot OMG. ; n; ))

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((Awh~ x3))
Rin raised an eyebrow, “Hm?”


"Imagine? I don’t know, my head is still kind of aaall over the p-place"

Rin sighed, “Sex, Haruka. Sex comes after all that. Hot, steamy, moan-filled gay sex.”

"….." -hiccup-  "I kneeew that, I was just ki-kidding with ya" Haru nudged Rin’s shoulder

"Well, it’s not easy to tell when you’re like this, Nanase~" He raised an eyebrow at the other boy.

"Stop calling me for that Nanase guy…I’m H-Haruka"

"How about Haru-chan~?"

"Chan? That makes meee sound like a little girl…but it’s better than Nanase..that iiis just weird"

"I remember that you were embarrassed by your girly name and told people to call you Nanase, back when we were kids~"

"T-that was back then.." Haru mumbled a little "I’m not a little kid anymoore"

"True. Now you’re a big boy, Haru~"

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dude i wonder what your penis feels like inside of me.. no homo though just wondering 

this is so fuckin homo

nah man i said no homo… football u know„ beer„ BOOBS… fuck me with your dick.. but remember NO homo though keep that in mind

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